Focus on your growing business, we will focus on your data backup. Our Cloud Backup Services eliminate the work of manual backup, recovery, and coordinating backups for all of your machines and servers.

Protect your data with three-tiered encryption and ultra-fast upload speed – unlike competitors, our system does not throttle backups. Once your files and folders are backed up, you will be able to search for and share your data within our software.

Yuraki combines Bare Metal Backup and Recovery with Exchange Granular Backup and Recovery, offering ideal backup and security features for SMBs. Your backups will be fast, safe, and reliable.

Yuraki Backup Solutions for Business offers the following features:

  • Backup and recover Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint, and more
  • Full local bare metal backup and recovery – send your backup images safely to the cloud
  • Exchange Granular Recovery allows you to backup and recover by mailbox and individually by message
  • Backup and recover laptops, workstations, fileservers, and files and folders.
  • Military-grade encryption – three-tiers of protection for your business data
  • Send transactionally consistent bare metal images of your backups to the cloud

Yuraki Backup Solutions provides military-grade backup security

Yuraki’s Bare Metal ImageStream sends your bare metal backups safely to the cloud. These security features include:

  • Data on the user’s computer or server is encrypted at 256AES
  • In transit, data is encrypted at 128bit SSL
  • At rest, in storage, data is encrypted at 1024bit AES
  • 11 data centers around the world – biometrically secured with 24/7 watch

In addition to high level security, Our Backup Solution is compliant with the following:

  • SAS 70 Type II (Sarbanes-Oxley)
  • SSAE 16
  • US EU Safe Harbor
  • PCI Compliant

Flexibility and Value are Standard

We do not enforce limitations on your service as many other online backup providers do – your cloud space is yours and should be used however you like.

Purchasing cloud space with Yuraki means that you can use it however you like – your server cloud space doesn’t have to be used with a server, it can still be used for file and folder and file servers too.

Mobility – Allows you to view, share, and access your backups from anywhere, with any device with a web browser.

Multi-destination backup – Backup your local data to any destination, including external hard drives.

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