Facebook Fan Pages = Greater Exposure For Your Business

CEO’s and Marketing Specialists constantly endeavor to develop and execute unique marketing strategies for developing and growing their businesses and as we dive deeper into the digital age, we cannot ignore the power and potential of social media. Here in Jamaica, more companies have started to embrace its ability to truly connect with prospects and strengthen relationships with existing customers.

General Statistics

Currently, 61.1% of web users visit social networks and there are over 500 Million users on Facebook; with approximately 311,000 users in the Jamaican network and 125,975,000 users in the US network. This represents our audience. The average user spends 421 minutes per month browsing the site; much greater than most other websites and advertising is most effective where users spend most of their time online.

The Results

Recently, we assisted one of our clients with taking that first step into social media and they gained 591 new fans within a 30-day period through the use of a very simple Facebook ad for a fairly new product. Throughout this campaign, the ad had a total of 9 Million impressions and 3,349 clicks. The most important element of this type of advertising is the ability to specifically target prospects within certain demographics which will in turn make advertising more effective. Facebook also provides an excellent reporting platform for monitoring ad performance and tweaking and changing existing ads.

These 591 fans gained will now be exposed to regular product updates, coupons, discounts and other publications that will be geared at maintaining a strong relationship with fans and loyal customers and at a minimal cost.


Users are actively becoming fans of companies online.  They are looking for information, coupons, discounts, samples, news and are there just to show their loyalty.  Most fans will refer at least one other fan when they are pleased with a business or product they are a fan of, so you should see an increase in referrals.

Don’t miss out on the simple, yet powerful opportunities that exist with social media and its potential for helping to expose and grow your business.

Give us a call and we will develop a strategy tailored for your product or service and gain you maximum exposure online.

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Robyn-Dale Samuda

Owner & Developer at Yuraki
I enjoy developing solutions for companies to help them achieve greater efficiency in-house by implementing powerful processes through CRMs. I'm also passionate about the web and love sharing my experiences in blogging & marketing. Connect with me on Google +