Personalized Service For Clients Interested in Achieving More

An experience tailored for you & your business

3 Strong Reasons to Choose Yuraki as your Web Marketing & I.T. Firm

Personalized Service

Whether you're a large or small company the attention you'll receive is the same. All web designs and other technical and marketing projects are delivered from in-depth analysis and research based on what you need for your success. Every company is different and that is appreciated here. No cookie cutter approaches, simply tailored services.

Interested in Partnership

It requires more than a "one-time" job to secure long-term success online. Each project is birthed from a clearly developed long-term strategy, from start to finish, identifying the desired impacts and outcomes. Yuraki is interested in a partnership with you to guarantee your success and profitability online - sharing resources that empower and set your company apart.

Great Listener

To build any fruitful relationship, one has to be a great listener which then allows for effective communication. Yuraki not only pays special attention to clients but also follows keenly the ebb and flow of the online market to deliver products that "sail with the tailwind." All with the use of simple yet powerful project management tools to keep track of clients' project requirements and milestones.

Who & What is Yuraki?

Yuraki is a new media technology firm specializing in Website & Mobile App Development, Social Media Marketing, CRM Implementation & Training, Brand Development, Content Marketing and I.T. Consultation. Yuraki is passionate and obsessed with the web and technology that leads to extraordinary results for clients, online and off.

The company pulls on the expertise of a dynamic team of web professionals with extensive experience in Programming, Graphic Design, Corporate Branding, Internet Marketing, Web Security and are authors of some of the most active and influential blogs on the web. Consistently, we have satisfied our clients here in Jamaica over the years and have already begun offering our services to Europe, the wider Caribbean and the United States.

We understand that business today requires a unique approach to the changing marketplace to ensure sustainable profitability and growth. Therefore, we design, develop and implement solutions for our clients that break down the barriers to business and expand their international reach; gaining them valuable new customers and unimaginable opportunities with the least cost and time.

The Origin of the Name

Yuraki is the middle name of the company's owner, Robyn-Dale Yuraki Samuda. The name was coined by his mother, who always had a knack for poetry, creativity and originality. Knowing that her son would be the only one in Jamaica with such a middle name, she was pleased. The name is very rare and its use can mainly be found in southeastern Asia.

The Mission

Exceed Expectations
Yuraki aims to be different from the average to ensure that clients enjoy profitable and unique experiences and results through superior Web and IT solutions.

Always Provide High Value
Always provide solutions of value that exceed the actual cost. Provide more opportunities for clients to save, excel and dominate their niche online, becoming an authority in their industry.

Improve Productivity, Be at the Cutting Edge
The moment new technologies and development techniques are born, we strive to make them accessible to our clients, ensuring that they have a cutting edge advantage in the web marketplace.