How to Overcome Procrastination in 7 Life Altering Steps

I’ve oftentimes wrote about my struggles with procrastination and compared it to being stricken with a disease as that’s how I’ve felt when dealing with the problem. I can vouch for the many opportunities lost because I was to slow to act or never to act at all. It’s an uphill battle and I’m sure many marketers, bloggers and entrepreneurs can relate to the power procrastination sometimes has over business and personal life. The good news is that there is hope for overcoming it and there is victory to be found in each new day fueling greater success the days to follow.

So without giving too much praise to the power of procrastination let’s talk about how to conquer this monster and discover the drive to be the best bloggers, marketers and business people we can be.

Tomorrow is Never a Better Option…Now is Always the Best Time to do Anything

Tomorrow always gloriously seems like a brighter and better day to anything that requires effort. Today just doesn’t feel like the right fit and there are so many other fun things to do now. I can do it better and crush that task tomorrow. Sounds familiar? Tomorrow is always beautiful with endless possibilities and we fall in love with the future rather than our present moment. Don’t give in, it’s a lie! Tomorrow comes and then the next, and the next and the next…until the year has passed and realize that we haven’t accomplished anything.

The Solution: Focus your attention on doing this now. Develop the mindset that tomorrow’s existence is dependent on what you do today. Don’t put off writing that article, there are hundreds of readers you can reach today who won’t see you tomorrow. Don’t delay that sales call as there are other sales people making those calls today and that prospect will be gone tomorrow.

Write on a piece of paper and attach it your computer screen so that it’s always staring you in your face: “Now is the perfect time to do anything, just do it now. Tomorrow is bitter” or whatever that will motivate you and keep reading that to yourself when you feel like quitting.

It sounds simple but it works, i’ll go into more practical details.

Create & Dedicate to a Calendar

Many of us decide to do something with our lives and never plot out a road map highlighting all that is required at each step of the way. We create huge marketing goals that end up being daunting and intimidating. I’m not saying you should not visualize your desired end results but the bigger the goal the more many of us are discouraged from going for it. It’s just human nature.

The Solution:

Step 1

Write down and identify the specific goal you want to achieve, let that sink in then put it out of sight for a while. Occasionally revisit the grand mission over the course of weeks or months to keep your eyes on the ultimate prize.

Step 2

Be honest with yourself and realistically determine and write down how long it will take to achieve.

Step 3

If you figure your goal will take 2 years to be accomplished, then start writing down and plotting your journey in chunks of months, weeks and days. Determine what you need to do daily, weekly and monthly over the course of 24 months to reach your destination.

Once you’ve done plotting your strategy, begin focusing on doing tasks assigned to each day, one at a time.

Approaching your vision like this will keep you focused on the things important for each day without being overwhelmed or intimidated by your heroic mission. If you fall off track one day then don’t worry because your eyes will be focused on that one day and not the entire journey. Soon after starting this exercise you will find a new and powerful momentum for pushing forward each day.

Don’t Be Afraid to Launch or Hit Publish

Life is too short to be overcome with fears of rejection and failure. Keep telling yourself that giving into fear is the real failure. Launching a business or marketing campaign that doesn’t get off the ground isn’t failure but is an opportunity to learn something new and be better equipped than others in your industry who refuse to try. Disappointment is the place where greatness is born and you need to embrace that. If you’re not failing then you’re probably not trying hard enough with what you’ve set out to do. Don’t be encouraged by winning but by learning and experiencing as much as you can.

Reward Yourself for Doing Good

Relationship building is a major part of what I do as a marketer and have grown to realize that the relationship with myself if just as important. Oftentimes we pound, hound and reprimand ourselves for our failures and lack of effort but never really stop to reward ourselves and give thanks when the good times arrive. As you get better at your daily tasks and gradually begin to overcome procrastination, reward yourself daily for each victory and nurture a brand new appreciation for you, your progress and your journey. Find the love in what you do.

Become Addicted to Success

Become addicted to your daily successes. Feel great and jump for joy when you complete your daily tasks because truly it’s something to be proud of. Ensure that you do not allow what others have to say about your new journey deter you and your new resolve. Fall in love with what you do in private, unless you have a very open and supportive partner. The feeling of winning will begin to fuel your appetite for achieving even more.

Why Do You Procrastinate?

Do you procrastinate because of fear of failure, fear of the responsibilities that come with success or something else? Spend some time doing some soul searching and study your habits and thoughts around the times you make the decision to put off an important task or ignore a business call or meeting. This thought process is something which can easily be taken for granted. Clearly identify your reason for doing things and what makes you tick. You can’t defeat an enemy you can’t identify. When you’ve discovered it, raise your awareness of it and be vigilant as you work daily to eradicate it.

Are You Really Interested in What You’re Doing?

Do you seriously love what you’re trying to do or are you following the status quo? Are you doing it because you think success will make your spouse or family happy? Get real with your motives. Providing for your family or another noble reason is all well and good but is it sustainable? I’m not saying you shouldn’t do what it takes to provide now but at the same time be serious about discovering what your true calling is. When you find it, gradually shift your energy towards it. You will find greater success and opportunities doing something you love. If your tasks annoy your core then procrastination becomes sooo easy to do.

Check your motives and if you find that they’re off, then gradually make the shift, regardless of how difficult it may seem.

Be driven by passion, joy and a love for whatever you do.

Now you know how to overcome procrastination. Share with us in the comments below some of your experiences with procrastination, and if you’ve overcome, we want to know how.

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