Believing in your nonprofit and mission

Providing the guidance you need for your voices to be heard

Your Nonprofit Can Make the Right Impact

You may be running a nonprofit organization but what you're doing is for a solid purpose and your stakeholders need to see tangible results. Your organization changes lives and improves society. Making this impact is about delivering value to your target audience and sharing your vision in attractive and powerful ways. With Salesforce, your nonprofit organization is empowered to leverage data to intuitively serve your constituent, manage clients, build stronger relationships with donors and other organizations while maintaining security and adhering to regulatory obligations such as HIPAA and others. Get help developing thoughtful marketing campaigns, technical insight on the best tools for delivering to your audience and the human resources and expertise to get it done.

Let's work together to solve your most challenging operational challenges, develop solid processes for improved efficiency and growth and expand your reach and find marketing solutions that align with your nonprofit's mission.

Donors will be proud to invest in your nonprofit's future!

Here's How We Serve Our Nonprofits:

  • Responsive & Personalized Client Care
  • Dedicated Resources to client projects
  • Experienced consultants
  • Accountable and inclusive project development process
  • Research-driven & tailored solutions
  • Unique Customized Websites
  • Client's Vision Complements Our Own
  • Powerful tools and training to place clients in control
  • Everything is Mobile-Friendly
  • Continued Support when the project is over
  • In-Depth Market Research tailored for each project
  • Special pricing for nonprofits

Convert Your Audience Into Loyal Supporters

Yuraki gives you all the tools, support and services you need to turn your target audience and website visitors into loyal supporters, advocates and donors. This frees up more time for you to focus on activities that improve the effectiveness and impact of your mission and work.